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What is a film crew / actor insurance medical ?

19 April 2023

A Film crew or actors insurance medical refers to a type of insurance medical that provides medical coverage for cast and crew members working on a film or TV production. It is designed identify any medical illnesses and clearly document existing medical conditions for the purposes of the insurance company. This type of insurance is desgined to cover the costs associated with any injuries or illnesses that may occur during filming, such as medical expenses, hospitalization, and emergency medical transportation.

Film crew insurance medical is typically purchased by the production company or studio and is often a requirement for obtaining permits to film in certain locations. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of the production, taking into account factors such as the number of cast and crew members, the length of the production, and the potential risks associated with the filming process. Having film crew insurance medical helps ensure that the cast and crew are covered in the event of any unexpected medical emergencies, which can provide peace of mind for everyone involved in the production.

Our GPs are experienced in carrying out film crew or actor insurance medicals and can provide home or site visits for this purpose. We would be pleased to help you, for any enquiries please contact our 24 hour booking line on 02476 959 695.