Private Medicals, including HGV/D4, Taxi and Motorsport Medicals, Only £45

Motorsport Medical in Northampton

Motorsport / Horiba MIRA Medical in Northampton

Motorsport UK require anyone applying for a motorsport licence to pass a full medical assessment. The requirements of the medical will vary depending on whether you are applying for a Motorsport UK International Licence or a standard Motorsport UK Licence.

A motorsport medical assessment will include testing for all of the following. You will also be required to have a valid ECG. For those aged 49 or below, a 12 lead resting ECG is required. For those aged 50 and over, a Stress Related ECG is required.

Poor Vision
Heart Problems
Breathing Problems
Blood Pressure
Neurological Conditions
Mental Illness

You will also be asked about your medical history where you will need to disclose any previous medical conditions and recent surgery you have had.

Applying for a Motorsport Medical in Northampton

Our modern medical clinic is well located near the centre of Northampton, with free parking available on site. Our doctors will provide a friendly and professional service and will make the medical examination as smooth as possible. Furthermore, you can book your motorsport medical at a date and time convenient to you, with evening and weekend time slots available.

To book online simply visit our Live Medical Bookings page and select Northampton from the Location dropdown and Motorsport Medical from the Appointment dropdown. You will then be able to pick a date and time that you want to book your medial for. Alternatively, we provide a 23 hour booking line – just call 02476 959 695.

What to bring to the Northampton Motorsport Medical

Please ensure you bring your a valid driving licence and any details of on-going medication/prescriptions. Your medical is normally take around 30 minutes but please allow up to an hour.