Private Medicals, including HGV/D4, Taxi and Motorsport Medicals, Only £45

Motorsport Medical in Peterborough

Motorsport / Horiba MIRA Medical in Peterborough

If you live in the Peterborough area and are hoping to take place in any motorsport racing you will need to obtain a licence, which can only be granted if you pass a full medical assessment.

A typical motorsport medical will check that you are medically fit to undertake this sport, including having no underlying health conditions that may adversely affect your ability to react quickly and concentrate for long periods, therefore putting your own safety and others at risk. Motorsport is very fast paced and so it’s important to be both physically and mentally fit.

You’ll also need to have either a valid resting ECG (if age 49 or under) or stress related ECG (if over age 49) as part of your medical examination (a signed cardiologist’s report must be supplied).

While a motorsport medical can be obtained through your local doctor, this may be a slow process and could end up costing you quite a bit – it may also mean taking time off work to fit around a standard GPs working hours. A better option would be to use the Midland Medical Group who can offer your a motorsport medical for just £45.00 from our private medical facility based in Peterborough. Your medical will be completed in as little as 30 minutes and you can book this at a time that suits you. We even offer weekend and evening appointments.

Applying for a Motorsport Medical in Peterborough

Booking your motorsport medical is quick and easy. You can do this online using our Live Medical Bookings page or call our 24/7 booking line on 02476 959 695. You’ll be able to select the location and date/time that most suits your requirements.