Private Medicals, including HGV/D4, Taxi and Motorsport Medicals, Only £45

Motorsport Information

Motorsport / Horiba MIRA Medical

Horiba Mira Medical for clients who are using Horiba Mira testing facilities will allow access to the track. Please bring the Horiba Mira application form, within it there is a section for the doctor to sign to prove you are able to meet the standard required.

The Motor Sport Association UK requires applicants for a license to have a medical before applying for, or renewing, their license.

We can provide the necessary medical you need to obtain your license with the MSAUK.

The MSAUK stipulates that a valid medical lasts for 12 months. See below for ECG requirements. We can arrange for Motorsport Medicals including ECG (resting) at the cost of £95. Please call to pre-book for ECG medicals.

You should also bring along the official MSAUK application form. If you can, complete the parts relevant to you and the doctor will complete the rest. If you need any help with this, please let us know.

A valid ECG is required for all applicants (previous ECG’s are valid for 24 months, excluding members aged 75 and above). For those aged 49 or below, a 12 lead resting ECG is required. For those aged 50 and over, a Stress Related ECG is required (a signed cardiologist’s report must be supplied).

International applicants may require an ECG which we can also provide for you. If you need an ECG at your medical please contact us so we can make prior arrangements.

What will happen at the examination?
1) Vision test
2) Blood pressure check
3) Height & Weight
3) You will be asked questions regarding your medical history ​
4) Cardiovascular (heart) Check + resting ECG (pre-booking via phone required)
5) Respiratory (lung) Check
6) Neurological (nerves) Check
7) Musculoskeletal (muscles/joints) Check
8) Urine dipstick and other testing (if required)
9) Colour Vision (if required)

BOOK NOW £45 (WAS £55)