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England Boxing Approved Doctors – What is a Boxing Medical?

26 February 2023

Our lead medical director at Midland Medical Group is England boxing approved- please see below or what the boxing medical entails.

A boxing medical examination is a comprehensive medical examination that is required for all individuals who want to participate in boxing matches. The purpose of this examination is to ensure that the boxer is in good health and has no medical conditions that could increase their risk of injury or death while participating in the sport.

The examination typically includes a thorough physical examination, as well as an assessment of the boxer’s medical history and any pre-existing medical conditions. The examination may also include testing for neurological function, such as reflexes and coordination, as well as vision and hearing tests.

In addition to the initial examination, boxers are typically required to undergo periodic medical examinations throughout their career to ensure that they remain in good health and are fit to compete. These examinations may become more frequent and more comprehensive as a boxer ages or accumulates a greater number of fights.

The boxing medical examination is an important part of ensuring the safety of boxers and minimizing the risk of serious injury or death in the ring.